Oakington Centralised Event - June 15th 2003


Perfect weather greeted the competitors who attended the Oakington Centralised on June 15th with temperatures around the 25 degree mark and a very light breeze. Only 8 teams were present which is a pity considering is was such a good day (which enabled 5 rounds of races to be flown to give everyone a good days flying)


Once again – only one team turned up with an F2C Nationale model so this event was cancelled. If the attendance carries on this way the class will be at risk of being removed totally from the domestic calendar. Speed and Aerobatics also took place on the same day (making use of the areas they will be utilising at the Nationals)


Racing got underway at midday following plenty of practice time and all races during the day were three ups as there was no wind to give problems of pitting segment choice.


The first round saw Langworth/Bollen put in a 3:32.5 using Taffy’s Profi gear followed closely by Miles Yeldham with a 3:34.6 and Fitzgerald/Thomason on 3:35.7. Smith/Brown were trying out their new Lerner setup but were unable to get a decent setting and having starting problems – coming home in 3:55.1. A bit of amusement occurred when Fry/Whorton were flying against Walker/Peart and Sid Peart used his hooter to call Dave Walker down – Dave Fry immediately cut his motor thinking he had been called down thus spoiling their first attempt.


In the second round Smith/Brown improved somewhat to put in a 3:35.1 with Langworth/Broadhead  proving consistency with a 3:35.6. The latter team were lucky not to be disqualified as Taffy loosed his model in front of the landing model of Smith/Brown causing the pilots to tangle up and preventing Steve from getting the model to Colin. Smith/Brown were correctly given a refly but Langworth/Bollen were allowed to continue and keep their time – a strange decision as the rules are very clear on this one and many teams voiced their disagreement with the decision. Fry/Whorton put in a 3:40.5 having run hot on the first tank and then leaning the motor out for tanks 2 and 3.


The third round saw Miles/Yeldham run out of models/engines – not good for the “mazniak Works Team” !

No Improvement was seen by any of the top teams but Walker/Peart were pleased to break 4 minutes again with a 3:57.3.


The fourth round again saw no changes in the placings. Fry/Whorton were disqualified for loosing a model in front of a landing model and causing it not to reach its pitman. This was a totally correct decision as Andy Whorton gambled (having looked up at the landing models) and, although the model got away successfully, the pilots were already crossed – thus causing the problem. No arguments here but it was no different to the Langworth/Bollen incident in round two – and they were allowed to keep their time (which could affect team selection positions)


A few teams started to show some potential in the fifth and final attempt. Smith/Brown posted the fastest time of the day with a 3:23.9 using their old Mazniak gear (the Lerner engine seemed to be suffering from a grown piston !!). Fry/Whorton posted a 3:36.3 and Fitzgerald/Thomason a 3:32.7.


No final was held so it was Smith/Brown who took the honours followed by Langworth/Bollen and Fitzgerald/Thomason.


There is no more racing until August now as the flyers plan for the trip to France for the European Championships. Its also unfortunate that the Odiham competition on August 10th also clashes with the Pepinster International which a number of teams were planning to attend.


Best of luck to our teams in France and thanks to Dave Rudd for acting CD on the day.


  F2C - Team Race Results                    
    Heat 1   Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Heat 5
1 Smith/Brown 3 55.1 3 35.1 3 47.8 3 53.1 3 23.9
2 Langworth/Bollen 3 32.5 3 35.6 3 46.7 5 11.5 dnf  
3 Fitzgerald/Thomason 3 35.7 4 44.0 dnf   3 43.1 3 32.7
4 Miles/Yeldham 3 34.6 3 59.0 dnf   dnf   dnf  
5 Fry/Whorton 4 09.3 3 40.5 4 05.4 dq   3 36.3
6 Walker/Peart 4 29.9 4 15.0 3 57.3 ret 78.0 4 10.4
7 Holmes/Robson 4 07.1 4 04.7 4 11.8 4 15.3 ret 93.0
8 Barker/North ret 41.0 ret 34.0 4 39.1 4 19.9 4 14.4



League Points were awarded as follows :-


  Ent Plc Fin Imp Tot
Smith/Brown 1 4 0 0 5
Langworth/Bollen 1 3 0 0 4
Fitzgerald/Thomason 1 2 0 0 3
Miles/Yeldham 1 1 0 0 2
Fry/Whorton 1 0 0 0 1
Walker/Peart 1 0 0 0 1
Holmes/Robson 1 0 0 0 1
Barker/North 1 0 0 0 1