Geordie Nats F2C Event - Albermahle - September 7th 2003

Report from Paul McPeake -

Contrary to the weather forecasts, Albemarle had a nice sunny day with only light winds. Sadly only four teams turned up to fly.

Race one had McPeake/Robinson run-in on take off, while Walker/Peart had a slow start, retiring after their first pit stop. Langworth/ Broadhead had completed 56 laps when Walker/Peart retired and carried on to finish in 3.23.8.

Race two saw Hill/Metcalfe flying again after almost a year off, and was uneventful except for Walker/Peart recording a personal best.

In the fourth race, McPeake/Robinson finally recorded a time after John Broadhead spotted that the wheel of the McPeake/Robinson model was sticking, thus causing their retirement in two races.

The last race of the day was also the fastest for Langworth/Broadhead with 3.19.7 but only in a two up with Walker/Peart who overshot on landing and rolled into the circle.

Unfortunately the day was spoiled by a shortage of timekeepers and some stopwatch malfunctions. Thanks to Dave Holmes for acting as CD.


Langworth/Broadhead     3.23.8

McPeake/Robinson         ret 0 L

Walker/Peart                     ret 34 L


Hill/ Metcalfe                     3.45.2

Walker/Peart                        3.51.7

McPeake/Robinson             39L


Walker/Peart                         36L

Hill/ Metcalfe                         4.03

Langworth/Broadhead         rtd


McPeake/Robinson             4.14.7

Langworth/Broadhead         3.21.5

Hill/ Metcalfe                         rtd


Walker/Peart                         34L

Langworth/Broadhead         3.19.7